“Liza Olson’s novel-in-flash Afterglow is one of those rare finds in the speculative world – a book whose layered, nuanced writing will thrill the literary devotee, while also conjuring a forgotten sense of wonder in the die-hard scifi fan. Each of these self-contained chapters reads like a stroke of lightning, illuminating another unexpected clue, a brilliant twist in our future history. Taken together, these lush, vibrant flash-chapters add up to a complex interweaving of prophets, heroes, and metal men; of technology that morphs from transcendent to horrific and back again. While the scope of the story is grand, its heart is filled with quintessential human curiosity, longing, and love. You won’t want to put this book down.”

– Myna Chang, award-winning flash author & host of Electric Sheep SF

“Liza Olson’s stories play at the edges of our realities, giving glimpses into what could be if we just looked hard enough. Each piece is a perfectly crafted gem that together add up to be a compellingly beautiful and haunting read.”

– Chloe N. Clark, Collective Gravities and Escaping the Body

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