Books & Publications


Here’s Waldo (2020)

The Brother We Share (2021)

Afterglow (2022)


SmokeLong Quarterly — “Brought to Shore”

Cleaver Magazine — “San Andreas Heaven”

Pithead Chapel — “when i do these things”

decomP — “It’ll Be Different for Everyone”

Literary Orphans — “okémon”

Fiction Southeast — “Heavy Bucket Heart”

Cease, Cows — “Greatest Hits”

Crack the Spine — “A Fucking Riot”

Molotov Cocktail — “Anterograde”

Maudlin House — “The Things We’ll Remember”

trampset — “For Chuck”

JMWW — “Me With You”

en*gendered — “My Sweet Love”

Arcturus — “The Girls in the Room”

LEON Literary Review — “Things We Live Inside”

The Metaworker — “Things We Live Inside”

MAYDAY — “Out of Body”

The Metaworker — “Out of Body”

HAD — “Die Ag No Sis”

HAD — “when we went away”

The Bureau Dispatch — “May You / Live In / Interesting Times”

Vast Chasm — “Dead Shopping Mall”

Bullshit Lit — “The Big Walk”

AntipodeanSF — “Seeking Sounds”

Internet Void — “Old Moving Pictures”

Scuzzbucket Lit — “Something Like Dreams”

Jersey Devil Press — “Magic Wand”

Anti-Heroin Chic — “The Brother We Share”

Sledgehammer Lit — “All My Maybes”

Sledgehammer Lit — “Place in the World”

Orca — “fragment(s)”

Orca — “Ancestral Memories”

Idle Ink — “The Big Empty”

Roi Fainéant Press — “Enbees”

The Literary Canteen — “Smoke in the Atlas Fear”

Rejection Letters — “Things They Don’t Tell You About Surviving a Suicide Attempt”

No Contact — “My Threads”

scissors & spackle — “Jeremy’s Never-Agains”

Litro — “Stop Making Sense”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch — “Residue of You”

Drunk Monkeys — “twirl & unfurl”

Complete Sentence — “All the Haircuts You Used to Have”

Variant Literature — “21 Questions”

Bending Genres — “Asheville”

Bending Genres — “Transmuted”

Door Is A Jar — “Time Stood Still”

Up North Lit — “Leave”

FIVE:2:ONE — “Sit”

Cabinet of Heed — “The Place in Which She Lives”

Semicolon — “Old Carton Faces”

Twin Pies Literary — “Down and Out Together”

Vending Machine Press — “Drinking Your Lye”

Identity Theory — “Heirloom”

AMPLIFY — “The Things You Can Do”

Stone of Madness Press — “Contact”

The Bookends Review — “Something in the Way”

Thrice Fiction — “T(w)omb”

The Daily Drunk — “SMB NES” 

The Daily Drunk — “Ode to Eraserhead Baby”

A Drunken Midsommar (The Daily Drunk anthology) — “As the yellow house came down”

Eunoia Review — “Sine Waves”

Eunoia Review — “God’s Honest”

Eunoia Review — “The Curer”

Eunoia Review — “An Aesthetic/Anesthetic”

Eunoia Review — “Har-de-har-har”

Eunoia Review — “The Unspeakable Thing”

Apocrypha and Abstractions — “Marly Marbles’ Shingles”

Oblong — “Fugue”

The Open End — “A Life Returned”

The Open End — “Sanctuary”

Wraith Infirmity Muses — “DPDR”

Flash Fiction Magazine — “Wannerin & Wunnerin”

Echo: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction — “Enby Late Starter”

White Wall Review — “Replaced by the Void”

OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters — “Clouds of Static”

FEED — “The Morning Hills of Your Mind”

Cult of Clio — “Glow Storms”

Word Doodles — “Going Back Home”