SURPRISE! Afterglow is out now!

SURPRISE! Afterglow is out now!

– $12 on Amazon

– $20 from me (inscribed + stickers)

– On Goodreads for if you want to read it but can’t buy it rn

Forever thanks to Red at Alien Buddha Press for picking this up, to Harmony Dimmig for reading this as I was writing it, for keeping me going and for designing this gorgeous cover, to Myna Chang and Chloe N. Clark for the best blurbs I could ever ask for, to all the mags who accepted parts of this before it was something you could hold in your hands Sledgehammer Lit, Bullshit Lit, Orca Literary, Cult of Clio, Idle Ink, The Literary Canteen, AntipodeanSF, Roi Fainéant Press, The Bureau Dispatch, Vast Chasm, and to all of you who read this:

Thank you. 💛❤

Click here to get your copy!


Holy shit, man. I never thought I’d make it past 25, so to be here, almost 32, and holding my third book in my hands feels pretty fucking good. Click here if you want an inscribed copy + stickers. Also: stay tuned for a surprise tomorrow!