Read “Me With You” in JMWW!

“Me With You,” my CNF love letter to Harmony, to finding the right one and getting to be yourself with them just went live in the incomparable JMWW. Huge thanks to Hannah Grieco for giving this a home. I’m so happy to see this one go live. 😊 You can read the piece here!

Pithead Chapel Love!

AAHHH!! “when i do these things,” my single sentence CNF on enby fearlessness, just got accepted by Pithead Chapel! I’ve wanted to see my work there for a while now, so this feels incredible. It’ll be in their November issue!!!

JMWW Love!

“Me With You,” my love letter to Harmony/CNF about finding someone who will love you for who you are just got accepted by JMWW! Huge thanks to Hannah Grieco for seeing something in this one. For anyone who needs it, your reminder to never give up: