The Brother We Share

“Deeply moving and compellingly original. This must-read book highlights the power of family: the siblings you’re born with and the ones you collect along the way. Both brilliant and beautifully written, The Brother We Share lingers long after you turn the last page.”

– Susan Triemert, Assistant Nonfiction Editor at Pithead Chapel

“In The Brother We Share, Liza Olson presses into these pages, both the imprint of the way things were, and the way we may have wanted them to be. How do we tell those around us of the pain we carry inside? What do we do with all that is left behind of such a pain never spoken? There is no warning prior to our entry in the country of loss. Only that we must, each in her time, cross into that lowest of valleys until we reach peak horizon. Beauty stuns, even in pain. For anyone who has lost: family, words, direction, hope, Olson’s book is a blueprint, charting course from where we’ve each been in our depth-voyages of loss, to where we must go. That ‘something within’ that we each have to find before ‘we cross over.’ This is brave work from Liza Olson, who knows, with a whole and singing heart, that life is still to be found in the things that we leave behind.”

– James Diaz, author of This Someone I Call Stranger and All Things Beautiful Are Bent

“An absolute triumph of a novel…The Brother We Share exemplifies Olson’s sheer talent as a storyteller.”

– Nam Hoang Tran

The Brother We Share masterfully examines the long-term impacts of suicide on survivors, following the unravelled threads of a group of friends five years on from their friend’s suicide, and the feelings of guilt and confusion that remain. Ultimately, The Brother We Share is a fast-moving celebration of life, love, and the brotherly bonds forged from tragedy. Highly recommended. 

Liza Olson expertly tackles multiple POVs in this heartfelt novel, with dialogue so real it sizzles.”

– J Archer Avary, Sledgehammer Lit EIC and author of The Dog Sitter

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