Wannerin & Wunnerin, as featured on Flash Fiction Magazine

As promised, here’s a story I wrote that Flash Fiction Magazine published, called “Wannerin & Wunnerin”:

Deer Chri

I doan kno y we callit deer wen u aint got nantlers. N E ways I ben wunnerin wut make an homme get up n out in a morn wif a col always wisprin in yer ear liek a seecurt, only iss securt mean a stik u down ded in a dirt wif all dem hills runnin on down & up & thru liek farflies wen ey catch on yer swet & gloe in a lite a moon. I wunnerd wut appen time allandallalong far & away in loney time wen a time a storeys wuz & all a seecurts a sittys & build ins & all at wuz still roun…

Click here to read the rest of the story on Flash Fiction Magazine’s site! Thanks, guys!



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